Dating Site Trials

Some people have complained that it is perhaps unfair that before you can see any of the profiles of people on a dating site to see if they are the types of people you are looking for, you first have to pay to join that dating site.

This of course means that having paid your money, if it is not at all the dating site you were hoping to join, you have wasted that money. It is a good point and one that some of the dating sites have tried to address. for instance, one of the largest of the dating sites have offered a UK 3 Day Trial which means you have to pay nothing for the 3 day trial and yet can have access to the member profiles.

This is a good thing as you will be able to view the profiles for 3 days which will give you enough time to determine if it is the correct site for you to join. The free trial however, will not allow you to access any of the contact details for the profiles you are interested in as you will still have to pay a joining fee for that information.

One of the major concerns for people apprehensive about joining a dating site is that they may inadvertently join a sex dating site instead of a romance based dating site. Just as there are many dating sites that offer to assist you in meeting a date with the hope for a long term relationship, there are just as many dating sites which cater to those people that are just looking for a date for sex purposes only.

These latter sites are often referred to as hook-up sites but do still go by the name of dating sites. You will however learn the difference between the two once you see some of the profiles from each of the sites and so a free trial of any dating site can be useful and help ensure that you do not join one which you have totally no interest in. Although there are some dating sites which are free, these are often found to have less members than many of the pay to join sites and although this may seem strange, it is probably because people think that as there is no charge, the privacy must not be so good.

Although this may be true for some of the free dating sites, it isn’t true for all of them as some have just as hood privacy measures as some of the pay to join dating sites.

If you do not make use of a free trial, as you can usually join for a month or a year, it is probably wise to start with a month’s subscription and then if you like the site, upgrade to a years. Regardless of whether you pay to join the site you are on or not, the chances are you will find a date but how long the relationship lasts is more up to the individuals than it is the dating site.